Digital Case Studies

Post Image of Customer Satisfaction for FMCG Industry

Customer Satisfaction for FMCG Industry

Ways of measuring customer satisfaction for the FMCG Industry. Fast Moving Consumer Goods famously referred to FMCG is as the name proposes, the most requested item in the market.   It incorporates everything from nourishment things like flour, bread rolls, frozen yogurts, and so forth to body items cleansers, faces creams to cigarettes to drinks, and […]

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Post Image of Digital Business Management

Digital Business Management

Online people and material tracking is the authority firm that focuses on driving equipped efficiencies by tracking and reporting. Field ticketing is obligatory to control that is measuring but wastes uncountable resources and assets for both operators and service providers.  What is a digital solution, and how it works for tracking? A full mound digital […]

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Post Image of Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting

We utilize a method of estimating future sales and demand to get precise catalog and predefined output. A sales forecast helps to show the plane of future events and drive to get the production on a monthly or yearly bases.  Apart from that, forecasting methods facilitate by providing a wealth of business insights to improve […]

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Post Image of Orderhive


A web and mobile software application based on SaaS that consolidates all your business channels is Orderhive. A service provider for shipping management, sales orders, inventory, and software that easily integrates all your business functions with single software. Orderhive helps to streamline the way online vendors operate all around the world. With lots of data […]

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Post Image of Trackhive


Trackhive with a deep understanding of tracking and shipping packages assists for shipment tracking and delivery time to customers worldwide that too free of cost. If you want to check all your orders in one place without any hurdles, you should have “Trackhive” that keeps track of all your shipments with detail information. The client […]

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Post Image of Byju’s


Byju's, a learning app offers watch-and-learn videos, interactive simulations, rich animations, and original content through its app, which makes e-learning a lot more fun.

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Post Image of Freeletics


Freeletics is a fitness training app that provides the best digital coach in the business.

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Post Image of Hik-vision


The client is a Wahington, DC-based owns a chain of shopping malls that draws customers attention with its world-class services and various retails shops franchises sell impressive products.

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