Sigma Data Systems Case Study

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Byju’s deliver world-class learning experience by making learning contextual and visual, and not just theoretical. Byju’s has over 12 million downloads, 700,000 annual paid subscriptions, and sees an addition of around 40,000 students every month. On average, a student spends about 51 minutes on the Byju’s app every day from 1700+ cities. With the level of growth and usage, Byju’s wanted to make sorting and searching of data more efficient for its users. To improve the response time of data and to sort the data, Byju’s adopted Sigma’s ElasticSearch services.


  • Byju’s, being technology-enabled learning, the app holds lots of data on its server, which needs sorting according to its categories.
  • A huge number of students from all age group uses Byju’s to get the best learning experiences; this increases the traffic on the app and results in a slow response of the data. 
  • As the response time of data retrieval is more, it might affect students’ interest in using the app.


  • With the assistance of Sigma’s developing team, Byju’s used ElasticSearch, a real-time search platform, to provide accurate search results to its clients.  
  • As ElasticSearch several powerful built-in features for storing and sorting the data, Byju’s can sort its data more appropriately. 
  • The ElasticSearch services by Sigma have helped Byju’s app in increasing speed, scalability, and resiliency. 


  • Using ElasticSearch has improved the user experience.
  • The API response time has reduced compared to the old system, i.e., from 2 minutes, it has come down to 40 Milliseconds.