Sigma Data Systems Case Study

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Chumbak is an eCommerce platform that is a huge store for fashion & beauty, home decor, and more.

Summary of Chumbak eCommerce Brand Store

Chumbak is a decade old brand started by Vivek and Shubhra’s and since 2010 it has grown into a globally inspired lifestyle brand. As the name suggests, Chumbak (Ch-oom-buck) – it means a Magnet in Sanskrit. The idea was of designing fun souvenirs & collectibles inspired by culture and art form of India.

The Client

They shared all the required details, including virtual machines, the analysis phase, and overall cost. Client needs to change the infrastructure that can be updated for effectiveness to handle the traffic. The core of the Chumbak products is the keen attention given to the detail in designing and quality parts.       

Clients’ approach is creating and presenting joyful and attractive products with a modern art touch in categories across home décor, fashion, accessories, personal care, and more for the end-users. Products were designed well to brighten up the living space, office and wardrobe.   

In the competitive market, the ability to instantly replicate the complete environment, launch new servers are some of the things to be updated. Managing services like databases, load-balancer, and more can help businesses with a better future scope.

Business Pain & Challenges: Chumbak

Overall backend CRM analysis is done to identify low speed, cost, and significant tools used. Transforming a business to its need, along with cost structure and operating model to position itself for future growth, is the biggest challenge.    

Business Solution

Our team started by understanding the need of the business. With admin access, we first observed the present data and usability of all tools and its requirement based on the process. The challenge in the overall journey was to ensure zero knocks on end customers.         

Provided architecture diagrams have been analyzed well to figure out the loophole and solve the queries. With VMs system optimization, we came to know that Chumbak team can save 41% of the cost based on virtual instances.     

Additionally, the advantage of spot instances for DEV/UAT can be taken by the team for choosing the service like spot instances for Dev and UAT instances which will be very cost-effective.      

  • You can reduce “AD” VM to Standard A1.     
    • CPU Utilization (AVG : 3 % , Max : 30% )  

Based on our observation on CPU utilization for 30 days, we concluded that:

  • Allocation of CPU to development and production team was much high than required because CPU utilization is less than 10%. 
  • Resources allocation can be minimized for dev team which is allocated in the high range. 

Here is the CPU usage o the instance based on Virtual Machine. We suggested changing the standards. 

Similarly, seventeen other virtual machines are observed; some of them are as below.

Below is the Comparison of Cost of Azure for Earlier and Suggested approach.

Based on the observation of database access, we got an analysis of virtual machines. We performed various queries and came up with multiple indexes that need attention, and fixing those indexing can improve the performance of the overall system.

Solution Overview

  1. AWS Cost Calculation – Considering both AMD & Intel Processors
  2. Comparison of existing Cloud Infrastructure   
  3. AWS Cost Calculation – Considering AMD Processors
  4. AWS Cost Calculation – Considering Intel Processors 
  5. GCP Calculation
  6. By using Windows Server or SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 workloads to Azure and get three additional years of security updates for free. 
  7. A team can use your existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to pay a reduced rate.