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Digital Business Management

Online people and material tracking is the authority firm that focuses on driving equipped efficiencies by tracking and reporting. Field ticketing is obligatory to control that is measuring but wastes uncountable resources and assets for both operators and service providers. 

What is a digital solution, and how it works for tracking?

A full mound digital solution is built for both dealers and receivers to trace ongoing material and maintain records through data analytics. Here mission is to impart through the application by allowing driver or operator to function app by selecting the level to report live stage of the substance. 

In order to conclude data, 

  • The data analytics used for investigating raw data.
  • The goal is to determine useful information and supporting decision-making for valued decision. 
  • These processed data then used to optimize the business functions to boost the efficiency of a system or a procedure. 

Till the date, things are on paper and difficult to manage the activities, so we went paperless to transform activities online and to trace them till the end. 

By leveraging robust modeling tools and machine learning techniques, we create real-time data analytics that empowers your people to make better business decisions.

Technical bits and pieces:

Data analytics and predictions for tracking objects and managing inventory online are binding these days to prevent a business from enormous loss. The analytics system makes certain functions for security and to monitor all your materials and transport it safely in a single go with the help of mobile applications based on real-time information.

  • Database- MSSQL
  • Programming language- PHP, JavaScript
  • JX code and Java 
  • AWS for data rules
  • S3 Bucket for data storage

How does tracking work with applications?

We have successfully created a reduction in vendor error rates and administrative burden through GPS and ticket process. It allows the service provider to be more accurate for location tracking. 

We integrate direct APIs to FTP transfers or digital uploads to download. With intelligence and analytics tools, your assets are leveraging by investing in healthy margins. Our application helps you to track equipment in real-time to manage inventory by preventing loss and made business efficient than before.

With our machine learning techniques, we help your business to leverage a robust model that creates real-time data analytics and endorse resources to work effectively and make insightful decisions. 

Process for mobile applications:

E-Mobile application for android and iOS is a full-stack digital solution that allows you to track your people and assets in real-time. 

  • Our analytics provide the intelligence to maximize your processing, transportation, and storage of oil and gas.
  • Digital data allows for ongoing machine learning, which drives long term strategic planning.
  • Our proprietary algorithms accurately identify and automatically schedule orders for services, such as water hauls, maintenance, or chemical treatments.

Imagine having visibility into all your people, assets, and inventory in real-time. Our platform enables operators, service contractors, and rental providers to efficiently manage their operations while having access to immediate strategic information.

Material selection from the app:

It helps to know the current status of the material. Here, the driver or operator has to select the mode of transportation till the destination. And the receiver can check in the application accordingly. Even information about the generated ticket for the material can get from the application. 


  • Loss in material while moving from one place to another and inefficient result.
  • Paper works and manual entry were hard to track for future requirements. 
  • Time consuming and companies are losing dollars to manage human resources and material at the same. 
  • Companies do not have real-time actionable intelligence to make sensible business decisions. 
  • The lack of transparency makes it impossible for companies to manage their routine functions effectively.


  • Efficiency is the benchmark with time-saving and cost reduction. Bringing transparency into the field has decreased non-productive time on jobs resulting in lower costs
  • Help to make real-time visibility into the field for better future decisions.
  • It is customized costing as per the entered data for individual transport and report for the same. With tracking application, business reduces the burden and increases collaboration with partners.
  • Brings transparency to business operation has decreased non-productive time on jobs resulting in lower costs.

There are advanced tactics to record past transactions and material entries based on data analytics to measure records. It helps you to maintain inventory and prevent transportation loss. Contact us for more detail: