Sigma Data Systems Case Study

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e-Procure is a customized B2B E-commerce platform that can be easily trusted by its users. Also, this platform is highly flexible and customizable from buyers and sellers side. For this, a private Blockchain was implemented with cloud system and other technologies were integrated. It is a wider workspace with real-time tracking of business and one of its core features includes approvable workflow hierarchy. 


Our client is a CEO of a leading investment management firm from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their firm was established more than a decade ago by an honorable Saudi family with extensive business relations and close ties to powerful Saudi industrial, financial and professional allies that provide valuable consultation.

Business Challenge

  • A trustworthy B2B platform with real time tracking of business and approvable workflow.

Client wanted a B2B E-commerce platform that is entirely secure and trustworthy for buyers, sellers, and experts. Addressing this situation, our client was looking for a robust solution that stands alone with the secure transaction process through smart contract management. 

Additionally, they  required streamlined procurement processes, Real-time business tracking and approvable workflow hierarchy. While, the platform has to be flexible and highly customizable not only for clients but also for buyers, sellers and experts too.  

Technical Challenge

Delivering such functional and highly secure platform required implementation of private Blockchain and integration of cloud. Defining the workflow of such large system by splitting it into modules, assigning roles and authentication functionality as well as resolving integration complexities required an experienced vendor. In Sigma Data Systems, they found an experienced team that understood their requirements and was ready to implement them, meeting all the challenges on the way.


Our team started with the project discovery phase to gather requirements from the client as well as internally. A document with the input of client and our team’s effort was prepared. After analysis of the collected requirements, a blueprint was ready to kick start the project.

Our UI/UX design team designed the architecture and refined the functional requirement to build a prototype where React js was used for the frontend development. In the meantime, our software development team build the roadway of database schema and opted for hybrid database of MySQL and Mongo DB. 

The development phases began as a combination of Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies considering Java as a coding language with Spring Boot and Node js as frameworks. While AWS, S3, Twilio, and Jenkins were some external technical platforms used for various purposes. 

The developed modules were integrated and the private Blockchain was set up for meeting all the client requirements. From here, system entered the testing phase and our software testing team performed automated/manual testing, and then it was pushed to a staging environment. 

After the client’s testing and approval, the system was deployed for the user on web and mobile platforms. The Continuous Update and Continuous Delivery (CUCD) method was in place for real-time changes done thereafter.

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Registered under the name of Saudi Procurement Services in Riyadh, e-Procure is a fastest growing SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace that offers range of solutions for companies worldwide. Users now can experience integrated procurement management regardless of budget or location. 

e-Procure is now able to deliver an automated smart contract agreement, payment protection, order and inventory management, and payout settlements with complete trust. Until now, thousands of users have registered and carried out business transactions that make e-Procure a booming B2B marketplace. The client is also looking to implement additional functionalities to assist the user with the help Sigma Data System.

Key Features


This system has a B2B marketplace where products are showcased by sellers and buyers can purchase them. Also, it has filters, search options, sorting’s, and comparisons to assist buyers and select the most suitable products.


Approval center

This feature shows all the purchase requests in detail. The user can approve or decline the request and allocate the changes in authentications given to other users under his/her hierarchy. Users can define a personalized approvable workflow for their business.

Approval Center

Smart Contract

A smart contract through private blockchain is created between buyer and seller. This contract assures the safety and security of business and related transactions through the signature of both parties. All the records of ongoing and previous contracts are managed here.

Smart Contract Management


It represents active and completed auctions and their details. Users can bid on the auctions for their purchases and sales. Also, it has specifications so the auctioneer can set all the rules and decide the audience that can bid on the auction.

Easy Management

Features like Strategic Sourcing, Order Management, Invoice Management, Supplier Network & Management, and Experts Network & Management helps in managing the overall system with ease.

Real-time Analytics

A complete analytic report consisting of total sales, orders, contracts, payments, and invoices is available in real-time to the user. These analytics can be observed on different time phrases, regions, or any other way the user likes.

Technologies And Tools

  • Private Blockchain, AWS, S3, Java, Spring Boot, Node Js, React Js, MySQl, Mongo DB, Jenkins, Twilio.

Team Strength:   8 – 20 Members

Client Name: A reputed investment management company.

Country (Location): Saudi Arabia

Status: Ongoing

Services Provided: Software Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Enterprise Mobility, API Integration and Software Testing

Duration: 2 Years

Industry: Retail, E-commerce