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Mentele Health

Mentele Health App is the best solution to know the health of the young user and what difficulties they are facing. An app solution helps the doctor to be registered for online assistance and prescription to the patients. 

Summary of Mentele Health App

In recent times mental health asked for an equal cure as physical health. Mental illness has some hidden symptoms that can be cured.  

Mentele is ML and NLP based app solution that gives users a platform to get proper guidance and therapy. It keeps the user motivated and tracks its day to day activities to analyze the health of the user. A questionnaire is prepared based on several categories through machine learning aspects. The patient can easily reach an expert doctor for any concern by making the appointment and can see the reports when needed.    

The Client   

Our client came with a beneficial idea of an app development that checks the mental and overall health of an individual on fingertips. Features required by the young users are to the point and recommend to an individual in any situation to know the health of a student who can easily reach to a Doctor.                                                                  

Business Pain & Challenges    

Living in an uncertain situation makes people easy to feel stressed, depressed with many things specially for students. Some of them are aware of the problem, but it is necessary to consult a doctor and get some meditation to feel more relax and comfort.                               

As per the research in 2017 by WHO at World Health Day, a mental disorder is increasing in young people starting from 14 years old.                                                         

Challenges to developing n Mental Health app

Challenges to developing n Mental Health app:               

  • Mental Health Checkup      
  • Minimum Explanation     
  • Users’ Mood
  • Health Tracker              
  • Therapy Suggestion    
  • Doctor’s  Availability 
  • Analysis & Report of the Individual       
  • Easy to use and understand                              

Business Solution

Students will never approach to parents or any other person for their problems or how they are feeling. They may be afraid of what people think about them, but it is essential to know what they are passing through and need to bury the problem.  

Mentele Health will allow Students and Doctors to create their profile where students can fill up the questionnaire by yes or no and directly reach to doctor for any concern. A doctor can know the mood of the patient based on the questions and behaviour of the user.       

The doctor will assist with a report which is stored and can be viewed at any time. Depression has been executed to know the health of an individual.                                             

An individual can view Doct rs’ profile, skills, and reviews. User can also add feedback based on their experience.        

Patients’ report can be view any time by login to the profile and past appointment can be seen along with prescribed medicine and suggested exercises.                                                                    

Daily one motivated tip is to be given to the user to improve their health and feel better. 


Here is the design process to find a solution to the problem. At every stage, we undergo analysis to come up with the process that is easy to understand and assisted on fingertips. Our expert mobile app developers team asked several questions to random users how they feel and what they need, and researched for the competitor’s app to explore possibilities in every stage of the design process.                              

mentele health design process

Solution Overview

To implement the new technology in the competitive market should be easy to understand and assisted for better user experience. App solution must be stand out and attractive enough for visitors that should not be uninstalled.                     

We came up with prior research and, depression algorithm to execute ML-based features to know users’ mood and overall health as a priority. Mentele Health is the one-stop solution where an individual can chat, video, and audio call and gets assistance from an expert Doctor along with reports once got the appointment. 100% result based app that helps you to keep healthy and motivate immediately decommissioned one of the data centers.