Sigma Data Systems Case Study

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Trackhive with a deep understanding of tracking and shipping packages assists for shipment tracking and delivery time to customers worldwide that too free of cost. If you want to check all your orders in one place without any hurdles, you should have “Trackhive” that keeps track of all your shipments with detail information.

The client wants to make a Tracking Service that is free of cost. Where you enter the shipment details, and we keep it less than one roof.


An order tracking system allows the client to know insight for where their order is at any given point in time. The customer wants to know the time of order placed until it is delivered.

  • Is the order ID correct?
  • Is my order picked, packed, and ready to ship?
  • Is there any problem with my order?
  • When will it be delivered?

Technical bits and pieces:

Our tracking system ensures secure process monitoring orders by their tracking number based on progressed data by consolidating all real-time information and helps you detect any delay and improve supply chain and enhancing customer experience by solving bottleneck.

Elastic Search for Logging file

  • Logs stayed here and arranged well as per ID and date for faster retrieval.

Fetching data for Training

  • Here data is fetched using Python connector from SQL Database and that store one time in Pickle File Format by file dumping.
  • It helps to reduce multiple connections into the database.

Temp data

  • Data gathered is initially raw, so here we train current data for further usage.
  • Data rules are made and stored in AWS S3 Bucket, and thus it never destroys.

Rest API

  • Flask is used as it updates automatically every single day.

How Trackhive works:

Probability Flowchart

Conceptual modeling:

Using Trackhive, merchants can provide the same experience to buyers apart from which couriers they use. These help to improve customer engagement by up-selling with the delivery notifications.

A data is portioned well into different cores that end up reducing the time for training them by n being the number of cores with No Downtime and works in Microseconds where it could be time-consuming.

Why you need an Order Tracking system?

An order tracking system is essential because it’s a vital component of the overall customer experience, which is more critical in the B2B and B2C space.

An order tracking system allows you to improve your customer experience and meet your customers’ needs for order accuracy throughout the entire ordering with the help of Machine Learning.

Reasons to make Trackhive:

  • API hit calls are free for every time.
  • Prediction results are based on the entered value.
  • Data rules are arranged well as per the date and availability.
  • Not only assist from historical data but also result in recent data.

The study of 250 senior-level marketers at global B2B companies specify that 58% are paying attention to value-based marketing, an approach determined by insight into customer needs and the value of particular products or services offered to customers.

The Tracking solution

Businesses are screaming to integrate predictive analytics into their operations because it makes better progress. Both customers and shipment companies can track their data in a combined page — tracking system to find out a delivery exception and take preferable actions.

Pattern recognition for a valid tracking number:

  • Pattern from database
  • Pattern from tracking the number of historical data
  • Training and tracking Present data

The image shows the dashboard for one month of the shipment summary. Our web-based suite, regardless of any industry products, links machine learning tools and delivers a powerful tool to manage data in a variety of formats.

The finest tracking solution allows the customer to see files for the shipment and security aspects. And a developed EDI interface is used to exchange information between the customer’s existing systems and the web-based tracking tool.

Numerous management reports developed so they can use it for sales, operations, and quality control. We, as a machine learning company, can fix any issue related to ML, AI, and Data science based on the information and can iterate fast to create new features in response to customer requests.

With deployment times falling from up to one hour in its previous cloud environment to about two minutes in GCP, Trackhive has been able to adopt a continuous deployment model.

Key features:

  • Fast search & filter
  • Auto-updates & notifications
  • Latest delivery status
  • Custom shipping collateral
  • Calculate delivery time
  • On-the-go interface
  • API to integrate 
  • Data is secure through Cloud-based data reporting
  • CSV Export


A problem was the order fulfillment distribution network as it was performing sub-par. There were delays in order fulfillment, and our client wants to predict the shipment based on Machine Learning technology as the source of origin of these delays was unknown.

Due to which customer satisfaction for online ordering was dipping. Their predicted churn rate had spiked. The client was worried that if the problem is not addressed, it results in revenue and reputation loss.

To summarize:

  • Delays in the distribution network.
  • Impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Could cause a potential impact on the top-line.

The client wanted to assist their customers, i.e., Shippers and Dealers at a low cost by improving their efficiency, visibility, quality of service, and profitability by:

  • Automating the shipment form processing cycle start-to-finish
  • Track shipments worldwide
  • Improve Customer Service


  • The model builds in 15/20 minutes with multiprocessing.
  • Help to reduce communications costs and increased visibility throughout the shipping process.
  • Find out an exception for your prior shipments.
  • The system completely assists with a package of management, communication, and tools to increase the profitability of the service provider.
  • The product is entirely browser-based with little up-front cost and no additional hardware or software.
  • Know your top destination and courier tracking.