ELK Stack enables companies to handle their unstructured data and provide visualizations from multiple feeds to enable real-time analytics.

ELK stack is a highly scalable suite of open-source, enterprise-ready tools. ELK is an analytics engine that allows users to store, search, and analyze a massive amount of data quickly and in near real-time. It is used as a technology that powers applications that have complex search requirements. 

Elasticsearch is based on Lucene library; developed in JAVA. ELK stacks is a solution of all complex structure and unstructured data. All growing enterprise has set of data collected over a period of time. For climbing next big achievement goal this data is required to be studied. To know and serve customers better, data has to be first extracted from different data sources, logged into single data repository and then can be analysed. 

Data lakes are formed after extracting data from various sources and then transformed into structured format. This can also be made continuous process of data logging. Data logging is immutable in nature so are highly trustable records. Once Data Lake is ready, this can be used for analysis and can give various results.

Elasticsearch is aid to many complex data problems. Various use cases of ELK stack


  • Full-Text search
    When database becomes huge and search is the essence of the system, it’s wise to move to Elastic search solution. Traditional method cannot deliver quality and speed results on huge database. This is also one of the core features of Elastic search. Along with search it provides inbuilt auto complete feature commonly known is smart search.
  • Monitoring and analysing customer behaviour
    ELK stack has become a powerful tool to make any kind of custom monitoring and data logging. It can capture any kind of data irrespective of its source. Kibana then can convert it into meaningful dashboards.
  • Monitoring and analysing security logs
    Server Logs can also be plugged into Logstash and Kibana can be used to keep a check on security and its analysis. Automations can be designed based on the outputs.  Elastic APM can also be plugged in to improve performance and Optimise the system.
  • Automatic sharding or replication
    This is a very important and key aspect of data sharding so there is no data failure or loss. Elastic search can manage automatically data sharding and replication. It has primarily 5 shard and 1 replica, which will make 2 nodes in 1 cluster.
  • Identification of error/issues for microservice architecture
    In microservice structure, its highly recommended to have Logging feature to understand and identify any issues in the system and solve it later.

Some of the Industries and real users

  1. Healthcare – Ctcue
    Search in unstructured notes and records of patients.
  2. Technology – Adobe
    Making smart searches using Machine learning
  3. Food/hospitality – Intercontinental Hotel Group
    Monitor real time anomalies using ML
  4. Media and Entertainment – Netflix
    Giving user privatisation on large available content

Products of Elastic.co

  • Elasticsearch
    Elasticsearch can help you to develop a sound search feature. It is capable to search in structured and unstructured data. In no time with related results. Search everything! Search anything!
  • Kibana
    Kibana can give face to the data. It can visually represent the data and makes it in human readable form.
  • Logstash
    Its a tool which can create data processing pipelines to ingest the data from various sources. It can transform and log the data.
    There are various other products Elastic.co provides as solution, however ELK stack is the major products which can help to solve every aspect of data problem.

Sigma and ELK stack

Sigma Data Systems works with clients around the globe to provide development and implementation services for the ELK stack. We provide inexpensive custom development to support your Elastic Stack efforts. We apply our deep insights into logistics, distribution, manufacturing, and retail to enrich your Elastic Stack initiative.

Benefits Of Using ELK Solutions

  1. ELK Stack solves data processing problems at amazing price - almost free

    Its open-source solutions which can be used without cost but there are other managed services which are offered by Elastic.co at a very competitive cost.

  2. Amazing speed of delivering search results with complex queries and complex data sets.

    As this solution is no-sql based complex queries can delivery fast results. The apps using ELK stack showcase fast results with context of user required content.

  3. Extended source code and Restful APIs with analysis endpoints.

    ELK stack can be used and configured to accept any kind of data and can create ingestion pipelines. It can then transform and load data with endpoints which can then be analysed.

  4. Super easy UI interface.

    With ELK you can start playing around with data of how and what results are required rather then figuring out how to navigate.


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