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Software development is the whole end to end process. Mostly its to transform current manual human work into the newer way of automated processing. The software can be created which can make any computing task easy. Through Software development, we can eradicate major human errors and make the process smooth, fast and accurate. Majorly the need to make a software comes out of 2 situations 1) Task becomes tedious and takes a lot of human efforts. 2) Migrating old software.


Software Development Life Cycle

The software development life cycle (SDLC) is 7 stages.

  • Planning
  • Requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment, and
  • Maintenance

Each stage holds significance in delivering and deployment of successful software.

Custom Software Development Process

Sigma Data Systems follows each stage precisely to deliver world-class error-free software. They have qualified UI/UX designers and developers in various technologies. They work in Python, JAVA, PHP, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, Golang, etc. Due to its mixed pool of technology developers, they can create a hybrid architecture to support the best of each technology. 

It has experienced QA to maintain the quality of the software throughout the development cycle. It engages the QA professional to keep a tap on quality and also continue with regression testing. Sigma Data Systems also has a separate DevOps team to make the deployment process continuous and smooth.


Methods of managing custom software development projects

There are various software development methodologies to drive the project. These are guiding principles that can drive the project on the correct roadmap. It keeps all the involved stakeholders together moving on the same goal. However, every methodology has its unique characteristics. Major methodologies to choose from are described below:

  • Waterfall 
  • Agile
  • Hybrid
  • Scrum, etc.

The choice of methodology depends on the type and size of the project. Each has its own pros and cons. Sigma Data Systems can consult on making the choice of the methodologies. Sigma Data Systems has PMC certified managers as well as scrum certified. They have professionals who can drive the project from start to end and deliver the results.


Recording and creating artifacts of code and each stage is very important. Documentation of SDLC helps to track project status. Documentation helps to keep the project on track as well as helps for the smooth continuity of the project. Below are the documents Sigma Data Systems creates and preserves for all its software development projects.  


  • Scope
    This is the very initial document and crucial document. It consists of the work definition,  milestones, deliverables, resource details. This is agreed and signed by both client and Sigma Data Systems to be agreed on common goals.
  • Timeline
    This document helps to keep an ongoing check on work getting developed against the date and time.
  • Change control versions
    At various stages changes are required due to different reasons, so important is to document them and also document its impact on various other places like timeline, project flow, etc.
  • Additional feature approval version
    If new small features added along the run while development, it has to go through approval projects. These additional features are getting recorded and also approved by all Stakeholders. Its implications are also recorded on other relevant documents.
  • Status check report
    This is a weekly report which traces the status against the plan and actual completed work. This is shared with all the stakeholders on a weekly basis.
  • Developer notes
    These are the notes made by the developer within the code to understand the functions.
  • Code commit notes
    Every commit from each developer has these notes stating the details of the commits. This helps in version control and also gives the ability for quick rollback.
  • Test cases
    These are the cases made by our Expert QA professional. These are tested against each milestone-released version.
  • Bug reports with regression testing
    Each QA iteration generates bug reports which are fixed by software developers.
  • Release notes
    Every milestone/Sprint has released the delivery it carries. Sigma believes in agile methodology has frequent delivery planned. This helps stakeholders to get a view of the product while it’s in development.
  • Handover document
    Sigma Data Systems has a free support period and also provides an annual maintenance contract. However, it also facilitates handover training and handover processes to the dedicated software developer team. This document contains a full overview of the product along with the Flow and server architecture diagram.

Sigma Data Systems believes to record each aspect of the software development which can help future collaboration with other teams working on projects. This document serves as guidelines. 

Purchasing and customizing the software

The world is changing and moving on to follow microservice architecture. There are many ready-to-use microservices available. So instead of reinventing the wheel, just make the model over it. Sigma consults and helps to tailor the readily available solution to the exact needs of the client.

Software Development Tools

Throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) there are various software development tools that can make the whole journey easy and smooth. Few widely used software development tools which Sigma Data Systems also uses

  • Basecamp

  • Skype

  • Jira

  • Jenkins

  • Docker

  • Sublime text

  • AWS services

  • Invision

  • Adobe XD

  • Sktech, etc.

Benefits of choosing Sigma for your software development services

  1. Skilled Manpower

    Sigma has a development center in India with a 300+ team strength. It has various skill Engineers including DevOps, QAs and Project Managers.

  2. Agile Methodology

    Sigma is a strong follower of Agile methodology which gives the client freedom to get the project executed.

  3. Documentation

    Sigma does end to end documentation which increase confidence in the quality of the product and gives transparent status to all stakeholders.

  4. Infrastructure

    Sigma promotes stress-fress, healthy and hygienic environment to its employees, this in return gives our client world class products. Happy people deliver better results. It has space for 300+ staff acquisition.

  5. DevOps

    Sigma has a team of expert DevOps developer to create proper architecture as well as the deployment process.

  6. Consulting

    Sigma carries dedicated consulting team with 10+ years of experience in the IT industries, they can consult throughout the process as well as in every domain. Sigma can serve as a complete development partner.

  7. Maintenance

    We offer free support period with every project as well as we have very cost effective maintenance contracts.

  8. Flexible

    Sigma is flexible in adopting any project management tool of client’s preferences. Sigma can provide hire developers options, which can work inhouse or onsite based on client’s requirement. Its flexible with working hours, platforms and resource planning.


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